We have a big trench in the Car Park

Digging Drains 03

So Dean, one of our brewers, and Mark Baker have been busy this week carving up the car park to lay some pipe for the drain. How much mess can two men and a mini digger get them selves into? A lot is what we can see for the pictures.

What a spectacular job Dean has done, who knew he was handy with Pipe, pipe fittings and weird complex bends. Dean has managed to do a bang up job on this project, hes even laid the floor drain in the folly and it all actually works! I’m gobsmacked at how efficient he is.

Now onto some painting, and floor sealing, before the real work can start…

So the Electrics are in…


We almost have power! Now we are waiting for some official type guys to fit the supply to the meter then to our fuse-box, then we can finally start test brewing, subject to a lot of other stuff happening in the Folly.

Thanks to Glyn Robinson, (Glyn Electrical), and his mate for working in their spare time to fit the eleckstrickery requirements for the Folly.

We have got an empty Brewery!

After of months of waiting we finally have our Brewery Unit emptied of someone elses rubbish. This is a great day, we can finally move in and take control of the premises, and start the hard work.

Jobs to do –

  1. Total re-wiring, 3 Phase power preparation, lighting, and 100’s of sockets.
  2. Dig drainage through car park to get to the drains.
  3. Paint the Brewery
  4. Seal the floor
  5. Seal the Rafters

So not a lot to do then…

3 go Mad at the Folly

The Brewery So Far

Welcome to 3 Go Mad at the Folly. This is our first unofficial official post to the world. We are setting up our own little Pico Brewery; still need our licenses and health and safety certificates etc. We have just got a location for the brewery, (just outside Wimborne Minster in Dorset), we have yet to see if we have electrickery, running water, or even a waste outlet.

We at the Folly are avid beer lovers, dreamers, and active home brewers. Between us, (Well really Eric), have over 20 years of home brewing under our belts. Currently we are actively designing new recipes for our Heralded Flagship beer we will produce called ‘Cockfighter’, a little in house competition is a lot of fun, and at the end of the day we get a lot of beer to drink.

We hope to put up some plaster board, paint the brewery, and sections bits of the stables we have appropriated for various needs that we haven’t foreseen as yet. (Yes I’m sure any help volunteered will be gladly taken, especially if you know what you’re doing with power tools).

We will be holding ‘Come Brew With Us’ days at the Folly, so if you have fancied All Grain Brewing but are worried about the cost, come and have a go, it’s a lot of fun…

I guess that’s it for now, see you in the Tap House soon…