Welcome to Brewers Folly Brewery.

We have been working hard to get our new 1.4BBL brewery up and running, and have finally achieved the last hurdle into small beer making.

Currently we have 3 fermentors, after you have fallen love with our beer and decided to give us all of your money we will be buying a few more so we can expand our regular range. We currently only produce 5 casks of beer per batch.

You can also come to the Folly for a Brew Day Experience. Great idea for birthday/Christmas presents, or just want to know more about how to make beer. You will come for the day, (about 5-6 hours of time), at the end you will be able to take a fermentor home with your precious beer inside. Then the difficult bit happens where you need to let it ferment for 5-7 days, as well as let it condition in bottles or a keg for 2-4 weeks. If you have survived that long you should have a very drinkable beer that you have made yourself!

If your having a Wedding or a big party we can do the Brew Day Experience on the big system, and you can produce your beer for your event. Now doesn’t that sound like a great Best Mans Day Out?

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us via email on – info@brewersfolly.co.uk


Grainfather Demo Day

All set up for our Grainfather Demonstration day. Today we are doing a demo day in conjunctions with Dorset Homebrew. We will be brewing OMG Amber, and a Baltic Porter. We look forward to welcoming you all today.